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Rundown is a collection of easy-to-use Apps that work together - so you can build the perfect Content Studio for your team.


Designed to work better together – so your team can work better together.

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We checked off everything on your wish list.

Rundown is intelligent storytelling for today's media environment. We made it flexible and configurable, so it wraps around the way you already work, and automates your process. It makes all the hard stuff easier, so you can be creative.

Built on Newsroom production workflow, for intelligent, responsive, real-time storytelling.

Newsroom Workflow – data-driven, efficient, and right-now fast. Now your team has access to the same types of automated workflows and forecasting technology that big publishers use to win the internet.

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Professional creators winning the internet with Rundown:

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Rundown apps were designed to work together – so your team can work together. Just pick out the apps you need, and create the ultimate content studio for your team.

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“Rundown basically automates all the hard, boring stuff, so I can focus on being creative and doing great work.”

Ashleigh R. , Designer

Rundown knows the answers to questions like...

What kind of content should I make next?

Rundown gives you proactive suggestions on type, channel, topic and more.

What topics are my audience members most interested in?

Rundown tracks topic-level data, so you know what’s driving your success.

How much time does it REALLY take to produce content?

Rundown estimates the time it takes to produce every type of content.

Rundown knows how to unleash your team's creativity.

Rundown makes your team faster, smarter, more efficient, and more agile – by leveraging data for predictive suggestions, forecasting, and automating the processes you already have in place.

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How many people in your organization make content?

If you have more than a handful of people making content in your organization, Rundown will make your life way easier. If you have a large, dedicated content team, you probably need to contact Rundown right away. How many people make content at your company?
Websites, Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, TV, Cable, Newsletters

The perfect tool for publishers. If your company makes its living by monetizing its audience… you need Rundown.

Digital Agencies, Brand Agencies, PR Firms, Social Media Agencies, and other Marketing Services Firms.

If your organization is in the business of optimizing billable hours, you’re going to absolutely love Rundown.

Product Companies, Services Companies, Healthcare, Retail, Sports, Entertainment, B2B, B2C

If your company uses digital marketing in any way, shape or form, you may need Rundown more than you realize.

The Story Behind Rundown: 7 Years of R&D, 18 months of coding, and... lots of tacos.

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